Your Photos are Revealing Your Personal Information

Public Wi-Fi is a particularly convenient option to stay online all the time and a great alternative to using your mobile data. While the lack of basic protection exposes WiFi users to cybercriminals and other malicious actors who are always on the lookout for security holes they can exploit.

In addition to public WiFi, the photos you share on the Internet are also revealing your information. When you post a selfie that contains Exif information, your location might be exposed to others. Because they can find GPS location details in the Exif data of your selfie. Thus, they will know where you are by viewing the Exif information of your photos.   

When you take a photo with your mobile phone or digital camera, it will use the GPS to save the current location in the Exif information. In fact, the Exif data of your photo also contains a lot of other information, such as date, time, camera settings, copyright information and so on. When you share photos on social media networks or send photos via messaging apps, all personal information included in the Exif data is shared as well.

Only a photo of you can tell so much about you, especially your physical location. Although electronic devices make your life more convenient, they also leave you vulnerable to hackers. Hackers can collect your personal information form your photos that contain Exif data. To prevent hackers from accessing your private data, you should stop cameras from storing personal data in photos. To stop cameras from storing your location details in your photos, you can disable the location tag in your camera settings.

For Android users,

  • Open your camera.
  • Go to the settings of your camera.
  • Find the location function to turn it off.

For Apple users,

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select “Privacy”.
  • Tap “Location Services”.
  • Tap “Camera”.
  • Choose “Never” to disable the GPS function for your camera.

But you can’t prevent them from adding Exif data to your photos. You should find ways to clear Exif data of your photos. For example, you can use some apps to view and edit the Exif data.  

However, stopping your photos from revealing your location is not enough to protect your privacy online. You can still be tracked and monitored via your IP address. So, it is essential to use a VPN service to hide your IP address. RitaVPN that provides reliable services is a good example. You can give it a try.  

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