The Cons of VPN Services

A VPN provides a security solution that restores your online privacy and freedom. It is a secure and stable tunnel through a chaotic public network. Almost all VPN users are familiar with the benefits brought by VPNs. However, most of them don’t know the drawbacks of a VPN. This article will walk you through the cons of VPN services.

Reliable VPNs are pricey

All things come at a cost. While high-quality VPN services come at a pricey cost.  

VPNs do not work on all platforms

VPNs usually work on most popular devices and operating systems, but they still have no native support for some less popular platforms.

Slow down internet speed sometimes

Different factors may affect the speed of your Internet connection when using a VPN.

Some VPNs record user activity

VPNs are designed to protect your online data. However, if you choose a wrong VPN service that records user activity, your online data will be under the control of the VPN service provider.

Low-quality protection

Some VPNs do not offer premium features to fully protect your privacy and security online. For example, kill switch and DNS protection.

Not able to bypass all geo-blocks

Some popular streaming services, such as Netflix, are trying to block VPN connections. As a result, you may find you can no longer access the content you want with the trusted VPN.

VPNs are illegal to use in some countries

There are some countries, such as China and Iran, that are banning their citizens from using VPN services. If you use a VPN in a country where you can not use it, you may have to pay a heavy fine or go to jail.

The configuration is difficult for business users

For business users, setting up a VPN is much more complicated, especially if you need to set up a private network in your business.

RitaVPN– Secure your Internet connection

RitaVPN is a zero-log VPN provider, using the strongest encryption AES-256 and OpenVPN protocols to encrypt your traffic between VPN servers and your devices. Best VPN for Indonesia. Moreover, with a killswitch, RitaVPN always encrpyts your traffic even when your VPN connection fails by accident.


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