Is Your Home Security Camera an Invasion of Privacy?

Not long ago, it was reported that a couple of American cameras suddenly found their home security camera began to play vulgar music. They tried to unplug the power cable and change the password but it didn’t help. This camera had already been hacked. Finally, Finally, they stopped it by contacting the operator to change the network ID.

There is endless news about camera hacking. It is the hackers that spy on you. The technical threshold of invading the camera is surprisingly low. Criminals make use of the compromised cameras that are spread all over the world to share the live broadcast. Then, they can earn money from it.  

Why is user privacy leaked?

Cameras using weak passwords are easy to crack. Since many people tend to use the default passwords or simple passwords, a large number of IP addresses of the cameras can be easily obtained with the scanning software.

In addition, most privacy invasions actually happen among acquaintances. They can easily crack your account and password because they know much about you.

At the same time, some fake products do nothing to enhance your security. What’s worse, they even invade your privacy by inserting an app into your camera so that they can get full access to your camera.

If the Trojan horse affects your phone and you are using the app on this phone to access your camera, the one who gets control of your phone can also get access to your camera. Thus, it is very essential to protect your phone from being hacked.

How to safely use smart cameras?

First, you should buy a brand camera. In general, the high price means that the cost is also high and the camera is more reliable in its safety. In the meanwhile, some well-known brands will provide better technical support and after-sales services. Even if you get trouble in using the camera, it will be solved soon.

Second, avoid using easy-to-crack passwords. Besides, you should make regular changes to the password for your camera.

Third, it is not recommended to put the camera in any privacy area, such as the bedroom, bathroom, etc. Besides, don’t forget to check whether the angle of the camera changes.

Fourth, do a virus scan on your phone regularly to ensure the safety of your mobile phone.

Finally, download a secure and reliable VPN that does not keep user logs on your phone. This will prevent you from being hacked while surfing the Internet.

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