How to Subscribe to Disney Plus in India with a VPN?

Are you waiting for the launch of Disney Plus to watch Disney’s new and exclusive content? According to the report, a large number of original films and shows will be available on Disney Plus. Since Disney Plus will only be released in several countries, most Disney fans will not be able to stream content from Disney Plus.

Fortunately, you can pretend to be from one of the countries where Disney Plus is set to launch by using a VPN. A VPN will assign you a new IP address from any country where a particular movie or TV show is available.

A VPN, virtual private network, establishes an encrypted tunnel between you and the VPN server so as to protect your real IP address and online activity from being monitored by your ISP, hackers or spies on the Internet.

Finding the best VPN for you is not easy. VPNs are different from each other on price as well as the services they provide. According to our tests on the popular VPNs on the market, RitaVPN stands out for its impressive performance.  

Advantages of RitaVPN

In general, RitaVPN is the best VPN to unblock Disney Plus because it has many advantages as below:   

  • Swift installation and easy-to-use
  • Trustworthy encryption technologies for traffic data
  • Zero traffic logs means that it never records users’ activity
  • Dedicated lines offer bufferless streaming to users in specific regions
  • Unblock popular content streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.
  • Torrent-friendly that let you download torrents fast, safely and anonymously
  • Smart server that automatically chooses the fast server for you
  • One account works on multiple devices including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

Disney Plus Pricing

Disney Plus offers different tiers for its subscription in different countries. At present, the subscription fee ranges from $6.21 per month in Australia to $7.82 per month in the Netherlands.  

Of course. You may not sure if the content from Disney Plus worth the price you pay for the subscription. But you have a 7-day free trial if you subscribe to Disney Plus for the first time.  

However, using a VPN to subscribe to Disney Plus in India costs you extra money. You may haven’t decided to subscribe to a VPN yet or want to see if RitaVPN meets their needs. Therefore, you should come and join RitaVPN for its two types of free trial: 6-hour free trial for new users and ad-supported trial.  

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