How to Stop Apps from Tracking Your Location?

Recently, I downloaded several mobile games in the app store on my phone. I found that most game apps, both the officially licensed games and those that claim to be stand-alone, include location in the app permissions even if their services have nothing to do with the user location.

It is interesting that many apps require permissions that have nothing to do with their own functions. In terms of location, it is reasonable that a navigation app requires access to your location. However, why does the flashlight APP ask for GPS location? And financial management APP asks for access to contacts?

And if the user refuses to give them certain permissions, the software will repeatedly pop up the application for calling permissions during use, or even simply cannot be used. They are trying to get as much user data as possible. For them, collecting all kinds of information of users and seizing the initiative in the market is not only the core competitiveness of doing business but also a prerequisite for storytelling in the capital market.

Life does become more convenient with the services provided by these apps. When you are driving, you can run the navigation app to find the nearest way to your destination or avoid traffic congestion. You will also be told the speed limits currently. In addition, social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter allow users to share their locations. I suppose you are very familiar with this function. If you turn GPS on and approve the location permission of relevant apps, your posts will be attached with location details. When you are traveling, you can open an app to see what’s nearby, such as the delicious food, supermarket, bus station bank and so on.

You fave to admit that these powerful functions make your life more convenient. However, this can also be exploited by cybercriminals to get access to your personal information.

How to stop apps from tracking your location?

In most cases, you can manually turn GPS off.

It is important to pay attention to whether there is any correlation between app functions and the permission it requests when installing mobile phone software. Turn off manually when a reading app asks for the location permission.

Check app permissions in the settings and disable unnecessary permissions.

You’d better turn off “Frequent Locations” on your iPhone, install apps that ask for as few permission as possible and turn off unnecessary location services in a timely manner.

Use the built-in security app or third-party security apps to check all apps on your phone. If it finds any apps that are likely to reveal your location, try to remove them immediately.

Do not download apps from unknown sources. Because malicious apps can also reveal user location even if the GPS is turned off. 

Disabling GPS can’t stop malicious apps from revealing your location. They can access your lock screen password so as to gain your location information. If the lock screen password cannot be obtained, malicious apps can exploit the built-in sensors of your phone. In addition to GPS and signal positioning, the built-in gyroscope and acceleration sensor can also be used to track a user’s location. So, some malicious apps exploit these sensors to track your location without your permission.

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