How to Prevent Malware Infection

In the previous articles, we’ve shown you how to detect and remove malware from your devices. But it’s more important for you to protect your devices by taking some precautions. The most effective way to ensure the security of your devices is to avoid the possibility of malware infection.

I’m writing this article so that you can easily prevent your devices from malware infectionInstall an antivirus program and a firewall. 

It would be more difficult for hackers to access your device if you install an antivirus program and a firewall on it. They are helpful in protecting your device against malware infections. 

  • Update your operating system, browsers, browser plugin and applications as often as you can.

Viruses change constantly to outsmart your system, so you should always keep things in your device up to date. 

  • Create strong passwords. 

Hackers are happy with simple passwords because they can get easier access to your information. Try to create strong hard-to-crack passwords. It can provide better protection for your devices.

  • Do not click on malicious ads and links. 

Hackers often send malicious links to fool you into downloading malicious software without your knowledge. Malicious ads are no exception. You should raise your awareness of the spread of malware.

  • Be careful when downloading and installing new software. 

Do not download or install untrusted programs. If you do, you run the risk of becoming a victim of a malware infection. 

  • Back up your data regularly. 

For example, if your iPhone is compromised by malware, you can find a malware-free backup by restoring your iPhone to an earlier backup.

  • Disable file sharing. 

File sharing makes it easy for you to share files with others as well as for malware to infect you as there are few protections. Malware often disguises itself as a game, album, popular movie and popular program. 

You can also use a VPN service to further protect you from malware infection.

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