How to Access Blocked Adult Websites with a VPN?

There are various laws on it when it comes to pornography. While in one country it is illegal, in another country it may be legal. Generally speaking, in many countries, such as Spain, the United States, France, Canada and so on, Internet pornography is legal. But there are still countries where both the sale and possession of pornography is illegal and it is also blocked on the Internet. For example, the UAE, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, etc.

Why adult sites are banned in some countries?

There are many reasons why porn sites should be banned. The main reason, however, must be that it has a bad impact on children. Many kids have free access to pornography that is not appropriate for them. Blocking children from accessing pornographic materials such as pornography on the Internet is therefore necessary. The Internet can be both helpful and harmful to children.

Why should you use a VPN to access blocked adult websites?

First, as we mentioned earlier, in many countries, especially in the Middle East, adult websites are blocked. I assume most of you are familiar with censorship of the Internet. For example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube are bot available in China. And thousands of adult websites in India are blocked. If you can’t access the porn websites you want to visit because of Internet censorship, you need to take action to reach them. Using a secure VPN is the most efficient way to access blocked websites like porn sites. You could change your location to somewhere else by connecting to a VPN server so that the website server thinks you’re from another state. You will then be allowed to access these websites.   

Second, because there are few protections, personal data and browsing history on adult websites are vulnerable to cyber attacks. While some large adult sites claim to allow you to access their websites anonymously, it is likely that your personal information will be exposed if the porn page you are using is hacked. And, on these adult sites, you’re not safe. You should switch your trust on adult sites to a reliable VPN like RitaVPN.

Why RitaVPN 

You should use RitaVPN to privately visit websites, particularly adult websites.  To fully protect your privacy and anonymity on the Internet, installing RitaVPN on your device is strongly recommended. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, giving your phones full protection. You could switch your IP address to that of the client when you connect to a RitaVPN server. Then, it will set up an encrypted tunnel between you and the server. So, you can watch adult movies without worrying about being hacked.

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