5 Useful Ways to Access Blocked Websites

A VPN, proxy and Tor are very efficient ways for you to unlock websites. They assign you a new IP address so that you are able to access blocked websites. This article will teach you what else to do if a website is blocked.

Use the IP address instead of the URL

Websites can be blocked by their URLs. In this case, you can still visit the websites via their IP address. All you have to do is find the IP address of a blocked site that you want to access and enter it to visit.

Avoid using the WiFi network

Sometimes you can not visit certain websites at school because there are WiFi restrictions. If you want to bypass the WiFi filters at school, you only need to switch from WiFi to a mobile network.

View the archived or cached version of a site

Most importantly, you can unlock a site by browsing an archived version of the site. For example, you can use the Wayback Machine. Or you can also use Google to see a cached version. 

Access the website using a mobile device or another language

When a website denies your access, you can test a mobile version or view it in another language. This works if the mobile version of this website or any language version has its own domain name and you are lucky enough to access one of them. 

Use a translation service

Using a translation service like Google translate is another valuable way to unlock websites. If you’re reading a translated version of the page you’re trying to access, do not even need to visit the site. For example, you could enter the address of the website that is blocked in your country in Google Translate. You can then access the entire content of this page.

If none of the above unlock the website you want to access, you can try the best VPN – RitaVPN.

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